Thursday, February 5, 2009

Our Black History :'(

Last year, kedai my mum terbakar. We're very sad. Kesian my mum. Here's the story I pick up from Bernama:

Sarawak Layer Cake Specialist Loses Collection Of 500 Cake Recipes In Fire
October 24, 2008 19:31 PM Printable version of this news

KUCHING, Oct 24 (Bernama) -- Sarawak layer cake specialist Rabiah Amit, 52, lost about RM300,000 in cake-making equipment and ingredients as well as a collection of 500 recipes of the cake in a fire which destroyed her factory at Jalan Astana here today.

The fire broke out at about 4p.m. while Rabiah was out to meet her customers.

Rabiah, who was informed of the fire by family members and workers, said the fire not only destroyed her factory, which was set up three years ago in front of her house, but also the recipes which she had collected over the years.

Also damaged in the fire were a Pajero four-wheel-drive-vehicle and a motorcycle.

Meanwhile, officer-in-charge of the Petra Jaya fire and rescue station, Wan Umar Wan Alik, said firemen took about 20 minutes to control the fire from spreading to nearby buildings.

The Fire and Rescue Department was investigating the cause of the fire, he added.


I believe that things happen for a reason. Now, we manage to have our own factory which my mum had been dreaming of for a long time. I'm happy for her and I wish that this time around things will run smoothly.Amin....